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Performance Consultants, Inc. (PCI) was founded in 1994.  With its roots in industrial fire and explosion protection, the company grew with a balance between pre-fire design and analysis and post-fire investigation, reconstruction and litigation support work.   Today PCI boasts experience in everything from laying out sprinkler systems to determining the cause of an explosion.  Its clients span a wide population of industries and the company focuses on maintaining one of the highest quality-to-cost ratios in the business.

Pre-Fire Services   

PCI's pre-fire customer base includes but is not limited to building and business owners, sprinkler and fire alarm contractors, engineering firms without licensed fire protection engineers on staff, power generation facilities, architects, professional organizations, and local fire departments.   The company's services can be categorized as follows:

Fire Protection Systems Design and Analysis
Code Compliance and Equivalency
Safety Evaluations
Education and Training

PCI is licensed in the design and analysis of all types of passive and active systems.  We specialize in automatic sprinkler systems and automatic fire detection/alarm systems.  The company's services consider the latest nationally recognized and industry specific codes and standards and the most up to date techniques and methodologies.  We also have a good working knowledge of the relationships between the various codes.  This is important to understand how and when to apply certain provisions, what the allowed exceptions are, and what to do when there are conflicting requirements.

Post-Fire Services

Fire losses involve everything from building destruction to loss of life, and in many cases litigation inevitably results.  The determination and documentation of cause and origin, flame spread, detection/notification, sprinkler system operation and effectiveness, and fire department intervention are all very important to determine who (if anyone) is to blame and how the loss might have been prevented.  For commercial and industrial establishments, the dollar loss is often very high, and thus it is important for building owners and insurance companies to hire competent fire investigators and fire protection experts to help protect themselves. 

PCI has worked on hundreds of cases since it was founded in 1994.  These range from residential fires to explosions in commercial facilities.   PCI is often present while the fire is still smoldering, assisting the fire department and insurance adjusters in determining the origin of and reason for the fire.  Other times the company is hired at a later to date to provide expert opinions on the events that transpired. 

In most cases the analysis involves the determination of system failures (either passive or active) that led to property loss, business interruption, or loss of life.  Is the building properly protected?  Is the owner really the one to blame?  Is there a possibility of arson?  Are there any subrogation possibilities?  These are just a few of the common questions that PCI experts can help determine and can help convince juries using state of the art visual aids. 

We have spent a great deal of time developing our document management system, which makes information collection and presentation simple and professional for even the largest cases.  Call for a free demo today.